The 4 Essentials

I   don't know about anyone else but when we got engaged I recognise d that there was 4 things that needed to be organised almost straight away and then we could organise the rest around them.


T he First thing was to have an idea about the date we preferred for our big day. I found I was pretty flexible with the date as long as the time of year was right and we decided on March. March in Sydney is generally very pleasant. The extreme heat of January and February tends to have past, but we still have long warm summery days. There's less chance of rain in March than in Spring which is a little more tumultuous and famous for it's beautiful storms.


T he next thing was to find an appropriate Reception venue. Once this was found we could lock in our dates.  I only have a few demands. One was that it must suit the formality of the occasion. Two that it must allow for fun. Three was water views. This is Sydney after all!


T he third thing to organise straight away is our ceremony location and celebrant. This was the easiest thing of all of them for me because I had our location and celebrant picked for years!

T he final thing to organise straight away is the photographer and videographer. These people are so important because they are the ones that are going to immortalise each and every moment you so meticulously plan.

S o how did I do?

Date – Tick 5th March 2011. Originally chosen because it ties in with the Victorian Long weekend which is where many of our guests are travelling from. Only I figured out just this evening that the long weekend is the weekend after. Oops.

Reception Venue – Tick, after looking at many locations (I'll write a separate post) we finally settled on The Blue Room Sydney Harbour which is a glass boat that will cruise up and down Sydney Harbour for the evening with us and our guests on board.

C elebrant – Tick, My father will be marrying us which is a family tradition from his side. My Grandfather married my parents and my Great Grandfather married my Grandparents. I love tradition so this was an easy one.

C eremony – Tick, Jason took me to a lookout once early in our relationship and I decided it was a most magical place and pictured us getting married there one day. So all that was left was to call National Parks and Wildlife and organise our permit.

V ideographer – Tick, Two fabulous friends Mark and Janita are highly skilled behind a video camera and in front of an editing suite. We were lucky enough to be involved in their wedding and had our cameras there and when we asked they were more than happy to return the favour. I am so excited!

P hotographer – errr Nope. I have failed miserably on this one. It's a work in progress. I'll get back to you.

  Jadey xx


All Systems Go!

G eez it's been awhile hasn't it? I am obviously a terrible bride to be blogger.


W ell what's been happening? I almost cancelled my wedding. It came so close that until last week, I was actually telling people to expect that we may not be going ahead with anything.
                It was just a money thing and not a love thing thank God. And with many thanks we have been able to find a way around our dramas.


N ow with only 4 months to go, I haven't actually planned much at all. So the race is on.


I f you are ready for the craziness, then hang around. I'll go through what I'm looking at and what I've got planned here. But not everything can be shared – I'll be keeping my dress secret. Then Hubby to be won't accidentally see it.


  Jadey xx


The Proposal

So you meet the man of your dreams and the two of you date for x amount of time. For some this is a few months and for others it’s many many years, and then finally one day he pops the question and you are engaged.

ason and I had been together for 8 years when he finally popped the question. It was so wonderful! I wasn’t expecting it at all.

e had spoken about getting married for years and years. It was always something we were going to do and like many “girls in waiting” I had near harassed him to actually do something and finally ask him to marry me. However when we decided to look at rings we found a large diamond price increase was getting in the road. I told him to forget it as I had always had my heart set on a 1ct Brilliant Cut Solitaire ring and that was out of our price range.

ason’s 40th was last year and I planned a big party for him with plenty of our friends there to celebrate. After cutting his cake and doing his thank you speech Jason popped the question with a gorgeous 1.1ct diamond solitaire, just the ring I’d dreamed of and in the most romantic and memorable way to propose with our friends around us.

My ring Pictured above is made by Simon Byron Jewellery who were talented enough to get out of me exactly what I wanted and then put it into being.

lease share with me your proposal stories!


Welcome to Bling & Bliss

T his is a new blog designed to capture Engagement and Wedding P lanning. Love, Life and Domestic Bliss.


First thing being first. Can anyone tell me how I change the Glamorous Header up top to Bling & Bliss? I think I am going to need a whole new .jpg or something and imbed it in the HTML Layout, but I don’t know how to do any of this. I’d love something similar with a bit of sparkle, like a sparkle .gif if possible.